Saturday, December 30, 2006

Ellesmere Island - Good Ice Gone Bad

Recently the news media and a few environmentalist went crazy over a piece of some old crunchy ice cubes the size of a 11,000 football fields that had managed to set itself free. I mean free babe and so with everybody pointing the finger why, why, why...I set off to understand why on Earth would good ice want to escape.

And so I did. Yup... and guess what I discovered if you were as old as this ice...and at an average of 50F in the summer nobody would want your sorry ass hanging around either. Consider it a form of rejection, good ice gone bad...Rotten ice to the core (so to speak)...hmmm and from what I hear it's probably on it's way right now to rob a bank in Baghdad. (go for it CNN)

Sunday, December 24, 2006

A Place for Christmas

Micronesia -FSM
1st photo - Pingelap Atoll. The old airfield (upper right) is just shy of 2,000 ft perfect for light aircraft. Pop. 870. Would you live here if you had a chance?

Next photo is Omoka. Interesting contrast between ocean. And yes, from what I hear some pretty big sharks too.

3rd photo is Christmas Island.

4th photo - Morkil Atoll has a huge pop. of 300 and dry land equates to about 0.48 sq miles, depending on the tides.